Playford and 18th Century
A Trip o’er the Tweed, A Trip to Blenheim, Anna Maria, Apley House, Black Nag or Galloping Nag, Blackwell Hall, Blenheim Pound, Bloomsberry Market, The Chestnut or Dove’s Figary, Childgrove, Christchurch Bells, Come Let’s Be Merry, Corn Riggs, Dei’l Tak the Warr, The French Embassadour, Gathering Peascods, The Geud Man of Ballangigh, Greenwich Park, Grimstock, Hole in the Wall, Hunt the Squirrel, Indian Queen, Jack’s Maggot, Jacob Hall’s Jig, Jamaica, Jenny Pluck Pears, Kelsterne Gardens, The Laundry or Hot Pot, Lord Carnavan’s Jig, Lumps of Pudding, Mademoiselle Dupingle (Sabina), The Merry Merry Milkmaids, Mr Isaac’s Maggot, Mrs Savages Whim, My Lord Byron’s Maggot, Never Love Thee More, Newcastle, Nonesuch, Portsmouth, Queen’s Jig, The Red House, Scotch Cap, Upon a Summer’s Day, Wimbleton House.


Country Dances
A Fig for Bonaparte, All of One Mind, Allemande a Deux, Amazonian Archers, The Arcadian Nuptials, The Archer’s Dance, Auretti’s Dutch Skipper, Avos Bay, The Banquet of Fancy, Barbarini’s Tambourine, Baroness Nagel’s Fancy, The Bath Carnival, The Battle of Leipsic, Battle of Vittoria, The Battle of Waterloo, The Black Eyed Milkmaid, La Belle Catherine, Bonaparte in a Knapsack, Boney in the Dumps, The British Grenadiers, Buckingham House, Buonaparte’s Defeat, Bushy Park, Capers at Canterbury, Captain Macintosh’s Fancy, The Cat in Pattens, The Chace, The Charity Boy, The Christening, The College Hornpipe, The Comical Fellow, Congreve’s Rocket, The Conquest, The Cream Pot, The Disbanded Officer, Dover Castle, Drops of Whiskey, The Drummer, The Duchess of Devonshire’s Reel, The Duke of York at Valenciennes, The Duke of York’s Fancy, The Duke of York’s Waltz, The Dutchman, Eastwell Park, L’Entree du Bal, The Fandango, Felicity, Fete Champetre, The Fitzwilliam, The Folly Dance, The Flirtation, Folies d’Espagne, The Forest of Bondy, Francaise en Ronde, Frisky, Fun and Fiddles, The General Toast, The Gloster Reel, Go to the Devil and Shake Your Self, The Greenwich Pensioner, The Happy Return, Haste to the Wedding, The Haunted Tower, The Haydn, Highland Laddie, He’s Aye Kissing Me, H.R.H. The Prince of Wales’ Favourite, Huzza my Boys,  I can’t get over the Ditch, Jacky Tarr, Jemmy Twinkles Wish, Jockey to the Fair, The Jubilee Quadrille, Juliana, Jump Frogs Jump, Juniper Hill, Kew Gardens, Kitty Will you Marry Me, The Knight Errant,  Knole Park, La Belle Assembly, La Boulanger, La Brandobourgeoise, La Danse Galante, La Gavre, La Malbro, La Monaco, La Tempete, Lady Catherine Stewart’s Fancy, Lady Clementini, Lady Mark Kerr’s Reel, Lady Mary Ramsay, Lady’s Favourite, Le Tourbillion, Les Astres de Venus, Lewis Castle, Linley’s Choice, Lord Dalkeith’s Reel, The Long Odds,  Lord Lotherdale Favorite, Lord Nelson’s Hornpipe, Lord Wellington, The Lover’s Garland, The Mad Dog, Madame Corde’s Frolic, The Magic Miror, The Maid of Bath, The Mail, Margate Rout, Marlborough, Marly Water’s Works, Marquis of Wellington’s Quick Step, The Marseillois, The Mask’d Ball, Meg Merrilees, The Merry Wives of Westminster, The Midnight Ramble, Mile End Assembly, Miss Bennet’s Jigg, Miss Murray of Ochtertyre, Miss Poultney’s Fancy, Miss Tilney Long’s Favorite, Miss Vicker’s Delight, Money in Both Pockets, Monsieur Lafayette, The Monsoon, Morgan Rattler, Mother Goose, Mrs Wilson’s Hornpipe, Mungo’s Delight, The Nameless, Nelson’s Maggot, Nelson and Victory, New German Spa, The New Parliament, No Taxes, Non Joli Garcon, La Nouvelle Hambourg, Old England’s Heroes, The Old Country Bumpkin, The Old Jubilee, Old Wife Behind the Fire, The Oldenburgh Bonnet, Orpheus and Eurydice, Paddy O’Boderam, Pantheon, Petronella, Pins and Needles, The Pleasures of the Town, Poor Dickey, Prince Blucher’s Waltz, The Prince of Wales’s Fancy, Princess Augusta’s Tambourine, Princess of Wales’s Fancy, Public Opinions, Quite Prodigious, Rakes of Rochester, The Regent’s Favorite, The Regent’s Hornpipe, Regent’s Park, Rostillion, Revolution de la France, Robert’s Fancy, The Romp, The Royal Kentish Bowmen, The Royal Meeting, The Royal Salute, The Royal Wedding, Ruffs and Rhees, Russian Dance, The Sailor Laddie, The Sailor’s Reprieve, The Sampford Ghost, The Savage Dance, Shrewbury Lasses, Sicilian Dance or La Mignionette, The Siege of Belgrade, The Sigh, Sir Charles Cotton’s Hornpipe, Sir Roger de Coverly, The Soldier’s Joy, The Spanish Dollars, The Sphynx, Strawberrys and Cream, Sweet Kisses, The Sword Knott, The Tarrs of the Victory, Teazing Made Easy, The Temple of Health, Theodore, Tinka Tank, ‘Tis a Joyful NIght, The Ton, Trip to Castle Howard, Trip to Dunkirk, Trip to Flanders, Trip to Hatfield House, A Trip to Highgate, A Trip to Larkhall, Trip to Margate, The Triumph, True Felicity, Tunbridge Beauties, Tunbridge Castle, Valenciennes, Vauxhall Fete, Wakefield Hunt, Walmer Castle, The Waterloo Dance, We Will Down With The French, The Welch Dance, Wellington’s Triumph, What a Beau my Granny was, Wilkinson’s Hornpipe, Woo’d and Married and A’, Worcester Assembly, The Young Quaker, The Young Widow, Zephys and Flora.

Allemande, Allemande XV, The Coquet, L’Allemande, L’Amour Fidelle, La Beaudri, La Belle Eurydice, La Belle Veuve, La Graziositta, La Grotesque, La Nouvelle Carel, La Pouvoir de la Beauté, La Promenade a Quatre, L’Amour (from Wilson’s Quadrille), La Rose (a cotillion for Jane Austen), La Royale, La Strasbourgeoise, Lady Nelson’s Waltz Cotillion, Le Jardin Enchante, Le Mariage Alamode, Le Nouvel An, Le Pouvoir de la Beauté, Le Roüet a Filer, Les Belles Filles de Norwich, Les Fleurs du Printemps, Les Jolis Garcons, Les Matadors, Les Ombres Chinois, Les Plaisirs des Anglois, Les Quatres Nymphs, Les Soirees Amusantes, La Vie Riante, L’Indiscrette, Mozart Cotillion, Mr Turner’s Academy Cotillion, The Prince of Wales Cotillion, The Queen of Diamonds Cotillion, The Rose Cotillion, The Swiss Allemande Cotillion.

Waltzes/Waltz time
Admiral Mitchell’s Waltz or a Rout in the Texel, Belcéle, Belvidere Waltz, The Brighton Waltz, The Cambridge Waltz, The Congress of Vienna Waltz, Cupid in Armour, The Duchess of Richmond’s Waltz, Duke of Kent’s Waltz, Duke of Wellington’s Waltz, The Equestrian, Figaro, The Free Knights, The French Assembly, The German Waltz, Lady Caroline Lee’s Waltz, Lady Charlotte Campbell’s Waltz, Lady Harriot Leslie’s Waltz, Lord Liverpool’s Waltz, The Lord Mayor’s Waltz, Lord Nelson’s Waltz, Lord Wellington’s Waltz, Louis the XVIII Waltz, Lydia Bashful’s Waltz, Madame Buonaparte’s Waltz, Miss Barrett’s Waltz, Miss Darbys Waltz, Miss Margaret Hill’s Waltz, Miss Maria Hill’s Waltz, Miss Tilney Long’s Favorite, Monsieur Talma’s Favorite, The Moscow Waltz, Mr Forth’s Waltz, Mr Wilson’s Waltz, The Northdown Waltz, The Pavilion Waltz, Perfect Waltz, The Prince of Wales Waltz, Prince Blucher’s Waltz, Prince William of Gloucester’s Waltz, Ramsgate Assembly, Salamanca, The Salamanca Castanets, The Steam Packet, Tippoo Saib, Tom Jones’s Waltz.


Almack’s Quadrilles, Barclay Dun’s 3rd Set, Les Cuirassiers, Despreaux’s Quadrilles, Duval’s Lancers Quadrilles, Gow’s 2nd Set, Hart’s 8th Set, Hart’s Lancers Quadrilles, The Macbeth Quadrilles (Hart’s 13th Set), Michau’s 2nd Set, The New Caledonians, Paine’s 1st Set, Paine’s 2nd Set, Paine’s 12th Set, Paine’s 17th Set, E Payne’s 1st Set, E Payne’s 4th Set, Sacre’s Quadrilles, Simon’s 1st Set, The Trafalgar Quadrilles, Wilson’s Royal Scottish Quadrilles, The Waterloo Quadrilles, La Juliette (from Wilson’s Quadrille).

We play for Playford, Regency, Victorian and Edwardian dances


Country Dances
Cinderella, Figaro, Highland Reel, La Russe, La Varsovienne, The Ostennaise, Pas de Trois, Queen Victoria Country Dance, The Royal Albert Country Dance, Triolet Suisse, The Veleta, mazurkas, polkas, polka-mazurkas, schottisches, waltzes, waltz cotillions.

Almack’s Quadrille, The Alexandra Quadrilles, The Caledonians, The Anniversary Quadrille, The British Army Quadrilles, The Channel Fleet Lancers, Elgar Singing Quadrilles, The Gondolier Lancers, The Harrogate Quadrilles, HMS Pinafore Lancers, Iolanthe Lancers, Le Prince Imperial, Madame Fayart Lancers (Offenbach), The Mikado Lancers, Pirates of Penzance Lancers, Princess Alice Waltz Quadrilles, Quadrille Francaise, The Shooting Quadrille, The Strauss Quadrilles, Les Varietés Parisiennes, The Victoria Quadrilles.

Edwardian – 1920
La Ballet Russe, The Boston Two Step, The Bridge of Athlone, The Bunny Hug, The Cakewalk Quadrilles, The Castle Walk, The Chicken Reel, The Cuckoo Waltz, The Flirtation Finale, The Foxtrot, The Grizzly Bear, The Hesitation Waltz, La Rinka, Maxixe, The Mississippi Dip, The One Step, The Ostrich Stomp, The Pride of Erin Waltz, The Square Tango, The Turkey Trot, The Two Step, Waltz Cotillion Quadrille, The Waltz Imperial.