Wilson’s Royal Scotch Quadrilles

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Wilson’s Royal Scotch Quadrilles  from The Danciad 1824. A set of 5 quadrilles – reel, jig, reel, strathspey, jig. MP3 files free to download (all music copyright Green Ginger 2001)




Wilson’s Royal Scotch Quadrilles published in The Danciad 1824. The Danciad, or Dancer’s Monitor. Being a descriptive sketch in verse on the different styles and methods of dancing Quadrilles, Waltzes, Country Dances, &c. &c. as practised at various public balls and assemblies; also on the pretensions of certain professors and teachers of dancing to that title; on the mode of admission to, and of conducting various places, termed academies of dancing; likewise on the nature and quality of what are frequently called Grand, Free, Select, Fancy Dress, Friendly, Characteristic, Charity, and Dress Balls. Together with observations on the laws regarding dancing, with extracts from the acts of parliamenet related thereto. By Thomas Wilson, teacher of dancing, from the King’s Theatre, Opera House; author of various works on dancing, and several dramatic pieces.