Music for Quadrilles

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In 2005 Keith Smith joined us to celebrate one of the most popular dance forms of the nineteenth century – the quadrille. This album is a unique fusion of Regency Dance and the inspiring rhythms of the Scottish tradition.

Available in digital format as an album or individual tracks. The CD includes a 20 page booklet of dance instructions for all the dances. The digital album includes a PDF of the booklet.

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Music for the Scottish tradition: Clutha, New Scotia Quadrille, Quadrille Country Dance, The Queen’s Quadrille, The Jubilee Quadrille.

Regency: – The Duke of Kent’s Waltz, The Pavilion Waltz, Paine’s 1st Set of Quadrilles, Paine’s 12th Set of Quadrilles, Hart’s Lancers Quadrilles.

“The sound quality and tone of the instruments is wonderful. Keith Smith is wonderful on the fiddle….joining with the talented fiddle sound of Green Ginger they make a sound to dance to.
This CD makes me want to have an evening of quadrilles.”

– Elaine Brunken (from a review in the RSCDS’ Scottish country dancer magazine)

Complete track listing:

1. Clutha – 4×48 Reel
The Bow-Legged Bosun (James M. Hunter), Gilsland’s Hornpipe (James Kerr’s Collection), Swansy Hornpipe (John Moore’s MSS), The Rocket Hornpipe (Wm. C. Honeyman’s Collection).

2. The New Scotia Quadrille – 2×48 Reel
The Royal Wedding (A. Bland), Cotillon (James Aird’s Collection).

3. Quadrille Country Dance
Mrs L. Stewart’s Reel – of the Island of Jura (William Marshall), The Perth Assembly (S. Duncan), The House of Achluncart, areel (William Marshall), Mrs Young of Cornhills (Athole Collection).

4. The Queen’s Quadrille – 1×128 Reel
Greenwich Hill (Niel Gow), Sir Hew Dalrymple Bart (north Berwick’s) Reel (William Marshall), Quick Step (Athole Collection).

5. The Jubilee Quadrille – 1×88 Reel
Danish Double Quadrille (Trad).

6. The Duke of Kent’s Waltz – 7×32 Waltz
Duke of Kent’s Waltz (1802 British Museum), John Small’s Minuet (James Aird’s Collection), Charming Phylis – a minuet (John Winder’s Collection).

7. The Pavilion Waltz – 6×32 Waltz
The Pavilion Waltz (Trad), Miss Barrett’s Waltz (Bland and Weller mss 1799).

8. Paine’s 1st Set of Quadrilles
La Pantalon (La Paysanne), L’Ete (La Flora), La Poule (Le Cobourg), La Trenis (La Felesia), La Pastourelle (La Pastorale), La Finale (La Nouvelle Chase).

9. Paine’s 12th Set of Quadrilles
La Pantalon (La Belle Flamand), L’Ete (La Tambour de la Garde), La Poule (L’Aimable), La Pastourelle (La Caprice de Vauxhall), La Finale (La Nouvelle Fantasia)

10. Joseph Hart’s Lancers Quadrille
La Rose (from music by Spagnoletti), La Lodoishka (from music by Kreutzer), La Dorset (‘If the Heart of Man’ Air from The Beggar’s Opera), L’Etoile (‘Pretty Maiden’ from The Haunted Tower by C.E. Horn), Les Lanciers (from ‘A Polish Rondo’ by Felix Yaniewicz).