Miss Ogilvie’s Fancy

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Our second Scottish Country Dance album, released Dec 2002, is no longer available as a CD but is available for download both as an album and individual tracks.

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Complete track and tune listing:

1. The Starry-Eyed Lassie – 8×32 Jig
Miss Elizabeth Ferguson’s Favourite (Mr Allan Stewart), Miss Sally Hunter of Thurston’s Jig (Nathaniel Gow), Mrs Maitland of Rankellor’s Reel (Robert Mackintosh), Mrs Small of Dirnanean’s Jigg (George Jenkins), Mrs Oswald (of Auchincruive’s) Favourite Reel (Robert Mackintosh), Miss Gwynne’s Fancy (George Jenkins), Miss Campbell of Melford (Nathaniel Gow’s Ancient and Curious Collection).

2. Swiss Lassie – 8×32 Reel
Brumley Brae (William McPherson), Viv’s Baseball Cap (M Thomson), Reel for Dave Fleetwood (Fiona Driver), The Mill House (John Martin), Cranking Out (Jerry Holland), The Islay Ranters (Charlie McKerron), Fiddler’s Breakfast (Jerry Holland).

3. 5×32 Strathspeys
Miss Maule’s Strathspey (Robert Mackintosh), Miss Jenny Elliot’s Strathspey (Robert Mackintosh), Lady Louisa MacDonald’s Strathspey (Robert Mackintosh), Mr F. Garden Junior of Troup’s Strathspey (Robert Mackintosh), Miss Margaret Graham (of Gartmore’s) Strathspey (Robert Mackintosh).

4. 6 x 32 Reels
Hogtie’s Reel (Phil Cunningham), Major David Manson (PM Peter MacLeod), Legless in Lisburn (A Mathieson), Barney’s Balmoral (PSgt E MacDonald/PM A MacDonald), Hunter’s Bog (PM George MacLennan).

5. Waltzes
Farquhar and Hettie’s Waltz (Farquhar MacRae), The Brackla Waltz (Ian Hardie), The Sneug Water Waltz (Chris Stout).

6. Lady Catherine Bruce’s Reel – 8×32 Jig
The Laird o’ Cockpen (Campbell’s Collection), O bonny Lass will ye ly in a Barrack (Gow’s Vocal Melodies of Scotland), Oh, saw ye my wee thing (Trad), I Ha’e laid a Herrin’ in Sa’t (Gow’s Vocal Melodies of Scotland), Craigie Burn Wood (Gow’s Vocal Melodies of Scotland), What can a young Lassie do wi’ an auld Man (Gow’s Vocal Melodies of Scotland), The Royal Caledonian Hunt’s Delight (Mr Miller).

7. Captain MacBride’s Hornpipe – 8×32 Reel
Lady Eliza Lindsay (Tunes of Royal Circus Edinburgh 1795), Untitled Hornpipe (Encyclopaedia Blowzabellica), Pretty Dick’s Hornpipe (William Vicker’s Collection of Country Dance Music), The Soldier’s Hornpipe (William Vicker’s Collection of Country Dance Music).

8. 3×32 Song Airs
Margaret’s Ghost (Gow’s Vocal Melodies of Scotland), Cumbernauld House (Gow’s Vocal Melodies of Scotland), The Black Eagle (Gow’s Vocal Melodies of Scotland).

9. The Plantation Reel – 5×32 Reel
Dem Golden Slippers (Trad), Dust in the Lane (or Cotton Pickin’ Time) (Trad), Cajun Chas – Wild Man of Rock (Bruce MacGregor), Fiddlin’ Around (Trad), Bonaparte’s Retreat (Trad)

10. Slow Air
Davidson the Luthier (Gavin Marwick).

11. 3×32 Jigs
Col. Upton’s merry Conceit (Nathaniel Gow’s Ancient and Curious Collection), Duff House (Archibald Duff), Pas Doux (A Choice Selection (Archibald Duff).

12. Miss Ogilvie’s Fancy – 8×32 Strathspey
Miss Ogilvie’s Fancy (Campbell’s Collection), Mrs Laing’s Strathspey-Fochabers (William Marshall), The Dutchess of Bedford’s Strathspey (William Marshall), Miss Gordon of Lesmore’s Strathspey (Robert Petrie’s Collection).

13. The Clansman – 8×32 Reel
Hon. Capt. Elliot’s Quickstep (John Pringle), The Harriot (Niel Gow), Greenwich Hill (Niel Gow), Mrs MacDouall Grant (Nathaniel Gow).

14. 6×32 Jigs
Boc Liath Nan Gobhar or The Grey Buck (Gesto Collection), The Heights of the Alma (William Ross), Duntulm (Gesto Collection).

15. General Stuart’s Reel – 8×32 Reel
The Stewart’s Rant (Gow’s Complete Repository), Loch Glassie (Athole Collection), Lady Margaret Stewart (The Beauties of Niel Gow), The Pitnacree Ferryman (Athole Collection), The Forfar Hunt (A Allan), The Cottar’s Wife (Athole Collection), Tail Todle (Gow’s Complete Repository).

16. Listening Medley
Loch Erroch Side (Alexander MacGlashan), Lady Charlotte Campbell (Nathaniel Gow), Lord Elcho’s Reel (Robert Mackintosh), Mrs Farquharson (of Invercauld’s) Reel (Robert Mackintosh), Miss M Rose’s Reel (Robert Mackintosh).