Grand Waterloo Ball 2015 Dance Booklet

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For more details on purchasing the CD and accompanying booklet, please contact Diana on
02088574008 or email


The dance booklet includes instructions for the following dances:

The Waterloo Dance (7 x 24 Reel), Lady Nelson’s Waltz Cotillion (48 bar cotillion), The College Hornpipe (6 x 32 Hornpipe), Bonaparte in a Knapsack (6 x 32 Jig), The Oldenburgh Bonnet (6 x 32 Reel), Cupid in Armour (3 x 64 waltz), The Young Widow (6 x 32 Jig), The Duke of York’s Waltz (6 x 48 Waltz), Les Graces from Duval’s Lancers Quadrille (4 x 20 quadrille), The Fandango (3 x 64 Jig), Allemande XV (40 bar cotillion), Lord Dalkeith’s Reel (7 x 24 Reel), Belcéle (6 x 32 Waltz)*, Juliana (6 x 48 Jig).

The longways triple minor dances have been adapted to suit dancing in 3 couple sets.

* The music in Wilson’s Le Sylphe is 48 bars and has been recorded as such, however, the dance instructions work better as a 32 bar dance as above.