Gang on the Same Gate

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Our first CD, released in 1999 is no longer available as a CD but is available to download as an album or individual tracks. It contains 16 tracks of mostly Scottish Country dances with a couple of listening tracks.

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Complete track and tune listing:

1. The Reel of the Gordon Highlanders – 8×32 Reel
The Reel of the Gordon Highlanders (PM SD Samson), Such a Wife as Willie Had (Trad), The Black Shepherdess (Trad), The High Road to Linton (Trad).

2. Mr Morison – 8×32 Jig
Mr Morison of Bognie (Wm Marshall), Miss Douglas Brigton’s Jigg (J Bowie), Miss MacLeod of Geanies (Trad), Miss Watt’s Jig – Mether Cluny (Wm Marshall).

3. Lady Lucy Ramsay – 8×32 Strathspey
Lady Louisa Ramsay’s Strathspey (Trad), Miss Douglas’s Strathspey (Trad), Mrs Maitland of Freugh’s Reel (R Mackintosh), Lady Ann Hope (Trad).

4. 4 x 32 Jigs
The Raincloud (M Thomson), The Rolling Jig (M Thomson), Joan’s Birthday Jig (M Thomson), Jonty’s Jig (M Thomson).

5. Shiftin’ Bobbins  -8×32 Reel
Shiftin’ Bobbins (M Rimmer), Ragtime Annie (Trad), Up Jumped the Devil (B Ryan/A Walker), Raggity Anne (Trad).

6. 4×32 Strathspey Airs
Miss Irene Armstrong of Helensburgh (C Sloan), David and Maggie Berridge (J Hill), Ian and Carol Aitken of MacGregor (C Sloan), Vivianae (I Hardie).

7. West’s Hornpipe – 4×32 Hornpipe
Robertson’s Hornpipe (Trad), Saratoga Hornpipe (Trad), The College Hornpipe (Trad), Mr John Trotter of Castlelaw’s Hornpipe (R Mackintosh).

8. Medley
Tweedside (Trad), Tam Glen (Trad), Callam Brougach (Trad), Miss Shepherd (J Scott Skinner), The Bride’s Reel (J Scott Skinner).

9. Mrs Stewart’s Jig  – 8×32 Jig
Captain Charles Stewart’s Jigg (M MacDonald), Miss (Dr.) Grant’s Reel (R Mackintosh), Miss Ann Munro (R Mackintosh), The Lads of Dunce (Trad).

10. The Triumph – 4×24 Reel
The Triumph (Trad), We Are Alright at Canterbury (Trad), (The) Resolution of The Quaker’s grace (Trad).

11. Gang the Same Gate – 8×32 Strathspey
Mrs Dalzell of Dalzell Lodge (Trad), Abercairney House (Trad), Miss Jardine’s Strathspey (J Porteous), Strath-Mhathaisidh (Capt S Fraser).

12. The Old Spedling Castle’s Ghost’s Dance – 4×32 Jig
The Old Spedling Castle’s Ghost’s Dance (J Porteous), Lady Ross’s Jig (J Porteous), Captn. Ferguson’s Jig (J Porteous), Lieutenant Charles Clapperton’s Jig (J Porteous).

13. Airs
Farewell to Fiunary (Trad), She Beg She More (O’ Carolan).

14. Not I – 8×32 Reel
The Mill Burn (Trad), Sir George Mackenzie (Trad), Miss E Macleod’s Reel (R Mackintosh), Miss Mary Stewart of Derculich (R Petrie).

15. Leith Country Dance – 8×32 Jig
Sailor’s Wife (Trad), The Duke of York’s Camp (J Clark), Miss Isabella Robertson’s Reel (R Mackintosh), Miss Helen Campbell Ardmore’s Jig (A Mackay).

16. 5×32 Reels
T.C. Humbley’s (A R Grant), C-Scape (I Hardie), The Blue Head Reel (I