A Midsummer Regency Romp Dance Booklet

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Instructions for dances for a Midsummer Regency Romp. Original historical dance instructions interpreted by Diana Campbell Jewitt.

For more details on purchasing the CD and accompanying booklet, please contact Diana on
or email dianadancer@btinternet.com


The dance booklet includes instructions for the following dances:

Frisky (6×32 Jig), Petronella (7×32 Reel), The Magic Miror (6×32 Bar Jig), Sir Charles Cotton’s Hornpipe (6×32 Hornpipe), Lady Charlotte Campbell’s Waltz (6×48 Waltz), Trip to Hatfield House (7×32 Jig), The Sword Knott (6×24 Reel), Boney in the Dumps (6×32 Jig), The Royal Salute (6×32 Reel), The Cat in Pattens (6×32 Jig), Theodore (6×40 Reel), Tom Jones’s Waltz (6×32 Waltz) ,The Young Quaker (7×32 Jig) ,The Romp (6×32 Reel).