Ceilidh Dancing

Canterbury Scottish Association Burns NIght

We enjoyed providing music for weddings, Burns nights, parties and ceilidhs. We have played in church halls, school halls, hotels, marquees and in the Brighton Corn Exchange!

A standard ceilidh programme would include the following dances:

Gay Gordons, Scotch Mixer, The Flying Scotsman, Cumberland Reel, Dashing White Sergeant, Virginia Reel, Canadian Barndance, St. Bernard’s Waltz, Strip the Willow and the Eightsome Reel.

We often provided background music with a Scottish flavour.

We worked with several callers, all of whom are Scottish dance teachers who can choose and teach dances suitable for all levels of ability.

We also played for historical ceilidh dancing for weddings and other events. Led by Diana Campbell, we provided a session of easy Regency dances, incorporating couple dances, round the room dances, easy cotillions and dances for both longwise and three couple sets. We dressed in Regency costume and Diana often provided information about the etiquette and social context.