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All our recordings can be found on our Bandcamp page. Some are free to download.

Paine’s 1st set and 12th set quadrilles are available on our Music for Quadrilles album from 2005

Wilson’s Royal Scotch quadrilles are available, free to download

The Sancho dances Merry Wives of Westminster, Kew Gardens, Mungo’s Delight and Dutchess of Devonshire’s Reel are available, free to download, on our album Four Dances by Ignatius Sancho 

La Belle Euridice contredanse is available as a single MP3

Le Jardin Enchanté, Les Quatres Nymphes, Les Jolis Garçons and La Beaudri are on our 4 Cotillions by M. Antoine album, free to download

More recent historical country dance recordings include The Lady of the Lake (dances suitable for beginners), Dances for a Princess (from the collection of Ignatius Sancho), Love and Friendship and A Midsummer Regency Romp.

Other quadrille sets recorded are The Caledonian Quadrilles and Duval’s Lancers