Mrs Bennet’s Ballroom Houseparty 2023

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Meryl and Ian played online for 2 evenings of dancing at Mrs Bennet’s Ballroom houseparty in Bourton on the Wolds on 1st and 3rd August 2023.

On the 1st August we did a programme of Georgian dances, led by Diana Campbell. Dances included:
Lovely Nancy, Prince George’s Birthday, The Happy Captive, Softly Good Tummas, The Queen of Hearts, Sadlers Wells, Le Cotillon des Fêtes de Thalie, La Comete and Mr Beveridge’s Maggot.

On 3rd August we  played for a Regency evening of dances led by Libby Curzon (aka Mrs Bennet). Dances included:
St Alban’s Assembly, Raspberry Blossom, Les Soirées Amusantes cotillion, The Steam Packet Waltz, Orange and Blue, Bath Carnival and Duke of Kent’s Waltz