HRD Spring Assembly 2023

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Meryl and Ian played online live for the Hampshire Regency Dancers’ Spring Assembly on 29 April 2023. We were beamed into the hall, shown on a large screen and 50 dancers danced to our music.

Dances were: Trip to the Forest, The Comet (waltz), Jacky Tarr (to our recorded music), The Seven Stars, Les Soirees Amusantes (cotillion), The French Assembly (to our recorded music), Raspberry Blossom, We’ll Dance All Night (to our recorded music), Bath Carnival, Mrs McLeod or Rasay’s Reel, Ramsgate Assembly, La Laitiere cotillion (to our recorded music), Morgan Ratler, Auretti’s Dutch Skipper and Duke of Kent’s Waltz

See a video of us playing The Seven Stars from Thompson’s 24 Country Dances for 1779 –