New recording – The Caledonian Quadrilles

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Our latest recording is The Caledonian Quadrilles from c. 1823. Many of the original arrangements used several Scottish tunes within each quadrille. We felt this made the music sound rather choppy and therefore decided to record using a single pipe tune for each of the quadrilles.

  1. Le Pantalon – The Mackenzie Highlanders March (Fall in for the 78th Seaford Highlanders raised in 1793)
  2. L’Ete – The Hills of Glenorchy (played by various regimental bands)
  3. La Poule – The 74th Highlanders Quickstep for the 74th Regiment raised in 1787
  4. Le Trenis – (short version) The Athole Highlanders – for the 77th Highland Regiment raised in 1778
  5. La Finale – The Inverness Gathering – for The Queen’s Own Seaforth Highlanders raised in 1778

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